IBN Hattuta

Jordanian backpacker and content creator with the aim of making fun and informative videos from every country in the world




Who Am I?

My name is Kasem, a digital nomad backpacking around the world 🌎

I started traveling while in university with the little money I made working little jobs, filling bags at supermarkets, cooking in KFC and selling tickets at the cinema box office.

I noticed that the MENA regions was lacking good informative Arabic travel content, especially low-budget rather than luxury! That was the reason I started my blog, Ibn Hattuta. 

In the beginning it was a written blog, I was sharing all my stories, cultures, food, tips and experiences of traveling on a budget around the world, but later on I saw more opportunities for visual content, so I started making videos instead.

In 2018 I participated in "Sadeem", a reality show and contest for video content creators, I got to the semi-finals, and even though I almost made it but failed, it didn't stop me from pursuing my passion.

When I graduated university, first of my class, I took a decision to put my degree aside, and make a career shift to follow my passion in traveling and content creation, it was hard, not accepted by society and success wasn't guaranteed. I almost failed, but thanks to my followers, my determination and hard work, finally I'm a full time traveller/content creator.

My goal now is to be the first Arab content creator to make a video in every country in the world! So far I've finished 52 out of 196, and still going 💪🏼